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Nathalie Bay in TV show Danni Lowinski

Nathalie got a part as a regular extra in the whole season 1 of a brand new comedy-drama about Danni Lowinski (starring Nathalie Meskens), a young sexy hairdresser who decides to start her very own law firm in the middle of a shopping mall!


Nathalie played the part of waitress in the famous breakfast and sandwich bar Panos, right next to actress Marianne Devriese (Bieke).

This funny and captivating dramedy aired in the spring of 2012 on national TV channel VTM and is now available on DVD.

Hosting ABBOTA

For this new radio season, Nathalie won't just be talking about concerts at the AB, but will also gladly promote the best of the Botanique. Put those two great concert venues together and you get a cool radio show about all the concert info you need if you want to discover new or reknown talent on stage. 


Catch Nathalie Bay on Wednesdays starting at 8 PM on 98.8.

Your evening on FM Brussel starts with retro classics in 'Luna', followed by the great concert news and tons of free tickets in ABBOTA and finishes beautifully with the best of future bass in Stainage.

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